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School Uniform

At Bankstown West we are proud to wear our uniform with pride. On this page you can find all the information you need to know about our uniform.

You can purchase all uniform items at Saouma's School and Fashion Wear in Punchbowl.

Summer uniform is to be worn in Term One and Term Four.

Winter uniform is to be worn in Term Two and Term Three.

There will be a two week transitional period between the changeover from Summer to Winter and then back to Summer.


Summer Uniform - Boys and Girls, Monday to Friday

  • Maroon and blue short sleeve polo shirt
  • Maroon shorts with blue stripe
  • White socks
  • Black school shoes or sport shoes. 
  • School hat (compulsory) – bucket hat with emblem 

Girls’ summer alternative – school summer dress tunic. 

Girls’ modest alternative – maroon gabardine pants (available from the school uniform shop only) and long sleeve maroon and blue polo shirt. 


Winter Uniform - Boys and Girls, Monday to Friday 

  • Maroon and blue long sleeve polo 
  • Maroon track pants with blue stripe 
  • Matching maroon and blue school jacket 
  • White socks 
  • Black school shoes Mon to Thurs, sports shoes only on Fridays 
  • School hat (compulsory) – bucket hat with emblem 

There is no alternative for girls in winter. 

Summer and Winter Uniform

School Accessoriesrecommended but not compulsory 

  • Maroon back pack back 
  • Maroon scarf 
  • Maroon gloves 
  • Library/excursion bag 
  • Assorted hair accessories in maroon 
  • If wearing a hijab please wear maroon or white 



Department of Education guidelines insist that jewellery or other items that could, with reasonable foreseeability, cause an injury to the student wearing it, or to other students, must not be worn at school. These guidelines provide for schools to instruct students to remove jewellery if it is considered dangerous. 

At Bankstown West Public School we consider acceptable items to be modest jewellery only, such as small studs or sleepers if ears are pierced. Excessive or large jewellery, including costume jewellery, is a health and safety hazard and will not be permitted at school. Items considered unsafe and therefore unacceptable include large earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings and necklaces. Some items of jewellery may be of religious or cultural significance. While these are acceptable, consideration should be given to the value of the item (monetary and emotional) as the school cannot be held responsible for loss or breakage. Where possible, such items should be kept out of sight. 

Furthermore, in order for a child to be allowed to wear such items parents will need to put in writing a request for approval to the school office. Medical alert jewellery is always permissible.